Next Generation Research and Technology

Upon the invention and patenting of our original, moisture-cured composite system in 1982, NRI has been leading the industry in next-generation research, engineering design, development, manufacture, and marketing of quality pre- and field-saturated composites that restore, protect, and reinforce pipes, pipelines, and civil structures. And today, our dedicated team of engineers and chemists are on the cutting-edge of research and development, formulating, testing and designing tomorrow’s new product breakthroughs in quality composites.

We Serve An Extensive Range of Markets Both Domestically and Globally

NRI’s quality engineered solutions have been used by leading companies, engineers, distributors, contractors, municipalities, and military in the U.S. and globally. Our extensive product portfolio serves a broad range of markets including construction, industrial, marine, military, mining, municipalities, offshore, oil and gas distribution and transmission, and refining and petrochemical. From leak repair, pipeline integrity solutions, to corrosion protection, corrosion repair, coating repair and mechanical reinforcement, NRI engineers work behind the scenes and in the field to restore and protect degrading or failing assets at a fraction of replacement costs.

Engineering that Results in Better Solutions

Leading the industry in the manufacture and installation of quality, cutting-edge composites for nearly 30 years, NRI has earned a reputation for innovative engineering solutions that have stood the of time. With a focus on developing and engineering quality moisture-curable carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar® and other aramid composite solutions, NRI can retrofit and reinforce defects and anomalies to original specifications in pipes, pipelines, and civil structures to help clients restore and protect their degrading or failing assets. And because NRI provides industry-leading engineering solutions in the field, we can repair and reinforce pipelines or civil structures while they remain operational, thereby saving clients millions of dollars in costs and lost revenues.

More and More Government Agencies, Municipalities, and Utilities Trust NRI’s Expert Solutions and Patented Products to Repair and Restore Aging or Damaged Infrastructure

When civil structures need dependable products and solutions to repair structures in a fast and cost-effective manner, they turn to NRI. We know that time lost for repair or replacement disrupts the flow of goods and services, so our quality, state-of-the-art infrastructure repair solutions are designed to ensure that operations are quickly restored or effectively maintained. Our advanced infrastructure reinforcement solutions effectively strengthen beams, columns, slabs, and culverts above-grade or in immersion. Our quality, durable, lightweight carbon or glass composites are applied to surfaces using NRI’s patented application system. These components offer superior, long-lasting performance, even in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Our Commitment to Excellence and Quality in Everything We Do

From the hands-on involvement of our senior management to our product training and in-the-field engineering supervision, NRI is committed to providing our clients with the utmost in quality, reliability, durability, integrity, and affordability. It’s no wonder that NRI’s customer loyalty and repeat business distinguish NRI as the industry’s premier solution provider.